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Top Strongest Villains In My Hero Academia So Far, Ranked!

My Hero Academia has pitted some intimidating villains against our spirited heroes – be it pro Hero or even the students.

The spectrum of power that they have displayed is concerning, but it adds a dramatic dimension to fights.

Therefore, here’s an assembly of the strongest villains – My Hero Academia – brought its audience.

10Himiko Toga

Himiko serves as a commander to Vanguard Action Intelligence Regiment: Carmine along with Sceptic.

Himiko is mentally unstable and has a warped sense of the world, which places her perfectly as a villain.

strongest villains in my hero academia

Himiko’s quirk is Transform, which allows her to transform into a lookalike of a person – and even match their voice.

This requires her to drink the blood of the person – the more blood she drinks, the more time of access she gets. After her Awakening, she’s able to use their Quirks too. 

9Tomoyasu Chikazoku

Tomoyasu Chikazoku, also known as Sceptic, currently serves as a commander to Vanguard Action Intelligence Regiment: Carmine along with Himiko.

strongest villains in my hero academia

His Quirk Anthropomorph allows him to turn any human-sized object into the lookalike of any person. He’s able to control these puppets through a laptop.

Sceptic comes quite useful for strategic and technical moves. He shows adept intelligence and manipulation skills. 


Geten is a villain that currently serves as a leader to Vanguard Action Guerrilla Warfare Regiment: Violet along with Dabi.

strongest villains in my hero academia

Credits: @blamedorange (Twitter)

Geten is a valuable asset as he’s able to gather, move, and use ice to attack or defend. He’s able to manipulate the temperature of the water and turn it into ice.

The range of his ice manipulation spans almost an entire town. The name of his quirk is unknown, but it is quite power-driven. 


Rikiya Yotsubashi is a former leader of the Mega Liberation Army that has established himself as one of the strongest villains in the series.

strongest villains in my hero academia

His Quirk, Stress, allowed him to channel all the stress in his body into raw power. Ergo, the angrier he is, the stronger he gets.

The implication of this is he’s unstable. With the 100% output of his power, he’s able to flatten a portion of a city. Rikiya currently works under Shigaraki at Paranormal Liberation Front.


Dabi is the commander for the Vanguard Action Guerrilla Warfare Regiment: Violet along with Geten.

strongest villains in my hero academia

He’s been nicknamed as Blueflame by Geten and holds the quirk unofficially named as Cremation. He has a fluid control over a highly damaging blue fire, which can incinerate people and objects quite easily.

Blue Flame alludes to a fire burning that a very high temperature, which makes Dabi quite dangerous. Dabi holds the ingenuity to strategize and hold ground against multitudes of Pro Heroes. 

5Nomu (High-End)

The Nomus are greatly variant in terms of their power, but the strongest on the Nomu spectrum is High-End.

strongest villains in my hero academia

High-End is an extremely powerful sentient being that battled Endeavor and Hawks recently. During the battle, Endeavor was forced to take help from Hawks and had to push himself beyond his limits to defeat High-End Nomu.

Endeavor, being one of the top 5 strongest Heroes in My Hero Academia, emerged from this battle, gravely injured.

4Shigaraki Tomura

Shigaraki Tomura is a leader of the Paranormal Liberation Front, and his journey is guiding him towards becoming a fearful villain.

strongest villains in my hero academia

After the reawakening of his quirk, Shigaraki can spread decay without any physical touch and at a more exponential rate.

He can decimate half of Deika City through his powers. Shigaraki will reappear more potent than before after he completes his surgery to become stronger.

Overhaul Vs The League of Villains | Overhaul KILLS Magne And DESTROYS Mr Compress Arm


Gigantomachia is All for One’s bodyguard and is a member of the League of Villains. Gigantomachia quickly takes up the seat at the villain Hall of Fame.

strongest villains in my hero academia

The League of Villains were unable to defeat him despite engaging him for days. The Police and Pro-Heroes are also unable to put him down, which speaks volumes of his strength – which the series will look into in the future. 

2All for One

All for One is the one that has stirred most chaos and turmoil within the society of My Hero Academia.

He is the one that is strong enough to battle All Might equally. Despite losing to him twice, All For One has managed to survive.

He possessed multiple quirks that expanded the inventory of his attacks or strategies. Although he is defeated and sent to Tartarus – he’s marked himself at the top of this chain. 

All Might vs. All For One FULL FIGHT 1080p [60FPS]


Nine is the antagonist of the My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising movie.

strongest villains in my hero academia

It is claimed that his power exceeds that of All for One, which is profoundly troubling as the latter remained the main antagonist of the series for the most part.

Not much is known about Nine’s powers, but he does possess the ability to steal quirks like All for One. Nine currently holds 8 Quirks. 

About My Hero Academia 

My Hero Academia is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Kohei Horikoshi. It began its serialization in July 2014 in the Weekly Shounen Jump released by Shueisha. It currently has 25 volumes in the tankobon format. 

The world of My Hero Academia is 80% filled with those born with quirks, i.e., superpowers. Yet 20% of the population was unable to ‘evolve’ in a similar way – such was the fate of Izuku’ Deku’ Midoriya, who discovered he was Quirkless. Heartbroken and depressed, Deku almost gives up on his dream to become the number one hero like his idol All-Might until a particular disastrous event pushes him to take a heroic stand and sets his journey. 

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