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Top Strongest Villains In My Hero Academia So Far, Ranked!

Boku no Hero Academia is filled with not only strong heroes but strong villains as well. Who is the strongest villain among them? Shigaraki or All for One.

While both sides have considerable power to their name, undoubtedly, the spectrum of power that the villains have displayed is concerning.

top 10 villains in my hero academia
My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising | Source: Funimation

The villains in My Hero Academia are some of the most powerful and ruthless, and, admittedly, that’s probably one of the reasons why this show has garnered so much attention.

Instead of generic antagonists, this series does a fantastic job of introducing multi-tiered villains that perfectly counter our heroes.

In this article, I have listed down the top 10 strongest villains in My Hero Academia based purely on their skill, power, experience, and current situation.

10. Stain

Stain is, without a doubt, one of the most famous villains in My Hero Academia. He is placed 10th on this list due to two main factors, i.e., his influence and power.

strongest villain in my hero academia
Hero-killer Stain | Source: Fandom

His actions have made him an inspiration for dozens of other villains and set heroes to extremely high standards.

This influence of his, accompanied by his ability to freeze his opponent’s movement after consuming their blood, makes him extremely strong as well as both feared and revered.

9. Re-Destro

Rikiya Yotsubashi is a former leader of the Mega Liberation Army who currently works under Shigaraki at Paranormal Liberation Front.

strongest villain in my hero academia
Re-Destro | Source: Villains Wiki-Fandom

He has established himself as one of the best villains in the series.

Re-Destro’s quirk allows him to channel all the stress in his body into raw power. Ergo, the angrier he is, the stronger he gets.

When facing Twice and the clones created using his Quirk, Double, he nonchalantly defeats him while at the same time, dispatches the clones.

With 100% output of his power, he’s able to flatten a portion of a city and overpower Tomura, the leader of the League of Villains.

8. Twice

Jin Bubaigawara, known by the villain name Twice, is one of the nine lieutenants of the Paranormal Liberation Front.

He is extremely powerful and has one of the most unique and useful Quirks in the series; he can make duplicates of both himself and his allies.

strongest villain in my hero academia
Twice | Source: Fandom

He is someone who even Hawks, the number two Pro Hero, believed to be the most dangerous of Shigaraki’s lieutenants.

After overcoming his traumatic experiences, Twice went past his limit and could create more than two duplicates.

According to Giran, Twice’s ability, Infinite Doubles: Sad Man’s Parade, gives him the potential to take down entire countries. Due to this, he is ranked 8th on this list.

7. Overhaul

Kai Chisaki, aka Overhaul, was one of the most powerful villains introduced in the series. He was the leader of Shie Hassaikai but now is currently imprisoned in Tartarus.

strongest villain in my hero academia
Overhaul fused with Shin Nemato | Source: Fandom

Chisaki was a very dangerous individual, owing to his overpowered Quirk, Overhaul, and his ruthless personality.

His quirk grants him the ability to disassemble as well as reassemble anything he touches. In addition, he can freely manipulate his surroundings and reshape the area into a state that is advantageous for him.

Along with this strength, he is also an extremely intelligent and organized person who can factor in multiple people’s ability to initiate coordinated and well-planned attacks. 

During the Shie Hassaikai arc, he took on multiple villains and truly pushed Deku to his limits.

Deku VS Overhaul| The Full Fight
Overhaul vs Deku fight

He was only defeated when our protagonist used 100% of his power with the help of Eri. His abilities warrant him a higher position on this list, but due to his current condition, he is placed in the 7th position.

6. Dabi

Dabi is the commander for the Vanguard Action Guerrilla Warfare Regiment: Violet along with Geten. He’s been nicknamed as Blueflame by Geten and holds the quirk unofficially named as Cremation.

strongest villain in my hero academia
Dabi | Source: Fandom

He can manipulate and control a highly damaging blue fire, which can easily incinerate people and objects.

His firepower and destructiveness are often compared to Endeavor, the number 1 Hero at this moment.

After taking into account his strength and ability to strategize and hold his own against several pro heroes, he is ranked 6th on this list.

5. Nine

Nine was a Villain and the main antagonist of My Hero Academia: Heroes: Rising. He had a copy of All for One’s Quirk, and due to this, he was able to contend with and overpower many of Class 1-A’s top students.

strongest villain in my hero academia
Nine | Source: Fandom

However, due to the toll of his quirk, he was unable to fight prolonged battles. He managed to survive a direct hit to the face from Izuku’s smash with no visible damage.

He was able to continue fighting against Izuku and Katsuki despite the immense pain his body was under.

Even after being hit point-blank by Katsuki’s explosion enhanced by One for All, he managed to survive. Due to this, he is placed 5th on this list.

Midoriya Last Smash, He Gives Bakugou One For All, Deku & Bakugou Vs Nine | Movie
Nine vs Deku & Bakugo

4. High-End Nomu

The Nomus greatly varies in terms of their power, but the strongest among them is High-End, an extremely powerful sentient being who battled Endeavor and Hawks in the 4th season of the anime.

strongest villain in my hero academia
High End Nomu | Source: Fandom

During the battle, its strength was so great that even the number 1 hero was forced to team up with Hawks and push himself beyond his limits to defeat him.

Even then, Endeavor emerged from this battle, gravely injured.

Endeavor vs Nomu Full fight English sub HD
Nomu vs Endeavor fight

Due to this, High-End Nomu is placed 4th on this list.

3. Gigantomachia

Gigantomachia is All For One’s faithful servant and his former bodyguard, cultivated to be of use to Tomura Shigaraki.

He is one of the strongest villains in the series, and as such, was able to force back Gran Torino while simultaneously facing several officers.

strongest villain in my hero academia
Gigantomachia | Source: Fandom

With several Quirks, he possesses tremendous strength as well as speed. He could pick up the equally gigantic Mt. Lady and toss her out of his way.

He is so powerful that the League of Villains were unable to defeat him despite engaging him for days on end.

All of this speaks volumes of his strength – which the series will look into in the future. Due to this, he is placed 3rd on this list.

2. One for All

All for One is the evil brother of the first One for All user and the progenitor of both quirks. He is the one behind almost all the events that have stirred up chaos and turmoil within the society of My Hero Academia.

top 10 villains in my hero academia
One for All | Source: Fandom

He possesses multiple quirks that have expanded the inventory of his attacks and strategies.

Although he has been defeated twice by All Might and sent to Tartarus – he’s still alive and has marked himself at the top of this chain.

While he is ranked in second place after giving up his Quirk to Tomura, he might be able to score a win against the latter due to his accumulated battle experience.

1. Shigaraki Tomura

Shigaraki Tomura is a leader of the Paranormal Liberation Front and the successor of All for One. He has had not only his disintegration quirk boosted by Ujiko but also has the power of All For One at his disposal.

strongest villain in my hero academia
Shigaraki Tomura | Source: Fandom

Shigaraki can now tap into his upgraded decay power whenever he wants.

While until now, the decay quirk only worked if he touched a person with his bare hands and all five fingers, now it can affect victims even without contact.

Shigaraki is the strongest villain in My Hero Academia and can easily decimate half of Deika City.

He is currently at his most powerful state, and with the powers of decay and All for One, it doesn’t look like he’ll be defeated anytime soon.

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