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Top 15 Current Strongest Swordsman in One Piece, Ranked!

With One Piece running more than 1000 episodes, we have seen quite many capable swordsmen.

From the East Blue to the Land of Wano in the New World, the series showcases some very talented swordsmen who are extremely skilled in the way of the sword.

My favorite pirate hunter, Roronoa Zoro is one of the strongest swordsmen, though he isn’t the most powerful swordsman in One Piece.

When I talk about the strongest swordsman my mind goes straight to their skills with the sword and not just power and strength.

Though, Gol D. Roger and Shimotsuki Ryuma have dominated the sword world at their respective times, they are no longer alive to take on the title of the world’s strongest swordsman. Let’s begin!

15. Kikunojo

Top 15 Current Strongest Swordsman in One Piece, Ranked!
Kikunojo | Source: Fandom

Kikunojo is a samurai from Wano Country and a retainer for the Kozuki Family. She serves as one of Kozuki Oden’s Nine Red Scabbards and is an extremely skilled swordswoman whose strength was acknowledged by Orochi himself.

She describes her moves poetically, claiming that they are like snow that remains on the ground after winter, in that the injury she inflicts will linger with her victims in the afterlife.

Most notably, she is seen using a move called Lingering Snow Scythes alongside her brother.

This move involves formulating circular flying slashes and lunging towards her opponent, in this case, the opponent was Kaido. By enhancing her swords with Busoshoku Haki, she was able to cut through Kaido’s hand.

14. Kin’emon

Top 15 Current Strongest Swordsman in One Piece, Ranked!
Kin’emon | Source: Fandom

As the leader of the Nine Red Scabbards of Kozuki Oden, Kin’emon is one of the most powerful samurai of Wano.

Although he hasn’t eaten a fire-based Devil Fruit, Kin’emon can still produce, control, and cut fire with his Fox-Fire Style of sword-fighting.

One Piece Kinemon's Power

One of Kin’emon’s most outstanding displays of strength came when he was able to fight with just his torso after Trafalgar Law cut up his body using his Op-Op Fruit.

His strength with the sword was also manifested when he infused with Haki to pierce Kaido’s powerful body.

13. Kawamatsu

Top 15 Current Strongest Swordsman in One Piece, Ranked!
Kawamatsu | Source: Fandom

Kawamatsu is a pufferfish Fishman and quite a strong swordsman. He was raised by Kozuki Oden and under his tutelage, Kawamatsu became incredibly powerful.

With his famed blade Soto Musou, Kawamatsu can defeat even high-level enemies in combat.

He can make use of Ryuo quite well. In the fight against Kaido, Kawamatsu was able to injure him on many occasions, which just goes to show that he’s a powerful swordsman in his own right.

12. Inuarashi and Nekomamushi

Top 15 Current Strongest Swordsman in One Piece, Ranked!
Inuarashi and Nekomamushi | Source: Fandom

Inuarashi and Nekomamushi are members of the Nine Red Scabbards, which means that their swordsmanship is by definition top-notch. Both of them are skilled in both Oden Two Sword Style and Oden One Sword Style.

Both of them are good users of Ryuo and Electro, who gave Jack a hard time on Zou.

When Inuarashi’s able to awaken his Sulong transformation, his swordsmanship is even more powerful. As for Nekomamushi, due to having lost an arm, he relies primarily on the latter.

11. Ashura Doji

Top 15 Current Strongest Swordsman in One Piece, Ranked!
Ashura Doji | Source: Fandom

As one of the Nine Red Scabbards serving under Kozuki Oden, Ashura Doji has to be tough. He once took down a felon said to be as strong as 100 men.

He fights using Oden Nitoryu, which is a style that involves using two swords that are hardened by Busoshoku Haki.

Ashura is an extremely skilled and powerful swordsman. Along with the other Scabbards, he has exhibited himself to be powerful enough to wound Kaido in battle using extremely dominant Ryou.

Without a question, he’s one of the strongest samurai seen in the story to date.

Now, top 10 is where this list enters a level somewhere between Rear Admiral and Vice Admiral.

10. Denjiro

Top 15 Current Strongest Swordsman in One Piece, Ranked!
Denjiro | Source: Fandom

Denjiro possesses the greatest mastery in swordsmanship among the Nine Red Scabbards.

His skill was shown when he diverted a powerful flying slash from Roronoa Zoro with ease and continued to evenly clash with Zoro’s Two Sword Style with only one sword.

He can cleanly cut through an enormous Beasts Pirates ship with a flying slash. Denjiro is also capable of imitating Oden’s signature Oden Two Sword Style style, allowing him to fight to wield two swords and execute one of his techniques.

9. Brook

Top 15 Current Strongest Swordsman in One Piece, Ranked!
Brook | Source: Fandom

Brook uses a type of sword called a shikomizue, a sword concealed inside a cane. In battle, he is an extremely skilled swordmaster who can dispatch numerous enemies at once with swift and precise strikes.

His swordsmanship is a combination of classical fencing and iaidō. Like Zoro, Brook can cut materials that are harder than steel as he was able to cut down a dragon, whose scales are tougher than steel.

Anyway, the power he applies in swordsmanship is not of the same caliber as Zoro’s, as Brook’s swordsmanship is more focused on speed and precision instead of power.

8. Shiryu

Top 15 Current Strongest Swordsman in One Piece, Ranked!
Shiryu | Source: Fandom

Shiryu of the Rain is one of the Ten Titanic Captains of the Blackbeard Pirates. He is extremely proficient in wielding his sword, having used it to kill many Impel Down prisoners on mere whims.

When his sword was returned to him after his long-term imprisonment, Shiryu instantly killed several of his ex-subordinates in a split second, ascertaining great precision and dexterity in his swordsmanship.

He is stronger than Zoro overall for now, but weaker in sword fighting. Shiryu will likely awaken his Devil Fruit before his fight with Zoro. In which case, he’ll be stronger than Zoro.

7. Vista

Top 15 Current Strongest Swordsman in One Piece, Ranked!
Vista | Source: Fandom

Flower Sword Vista is the former Fifth Division Commander of the Whitebeard Pirates and an extremely capable swordsman.

He was once able to block bullets with his sword, and could stand up to a flying slash from Mihawk which is powerful enough to cut through battleships.

When he uses his sword, red rose petals appear, a flourish that likely accounts for his nickname. Like many successful swordsmen, Vista can enhance his strikes with Busoshoku Haki.

6. King

Top 15 Current Strongest Swordsman in One Piece, Ranked!
King | Source: Fandom

King is the strongest of the Beast Pirates, second only to Kaido. He is not only physically a tank, but is also smart and plays to his strengths. He’s versatile and fast, and counters attack with a variety of fighting techniques and styles.

King is a very skilled user of Busoshoku Haki and a skilled swordsman. He was shown using hardening on his sword and managed to overpower Roronoa Zoro’s Haki-imbued sword defense with a powerful stroke of his weapon.

Though he is very strong, Zoro managed to defeat him using Conqueror’s Haki in conjunction with his swords.

5. Roronoa Zoro

Top 15 Current Strongest Swordsman in One Piece, Ranked!
Roronoa Zoro | Source: IMDb

Zoro is the second swordsman to ever permanently scar Kaido, the world’s strongest creature, making him one of the strongest swordsmen in the One Piece universe.

He is a user of the famous Three-Sword Style and has Wado Ichimonji, Sandai Kitetsu, and Enma in his possession. Zoro also fought King and proved himself to be around Yonko Commander level by defeating him.

4. Fujitora

Top 15 Current Strongest Swordsman in One Piece, Ranked!
Fujitora | Source: Fandom

Issho is better known by his alias Fujitora. He is an admiral in the Marines who is also a talented swordsman.

He uses a cane-like sword called the shikomizue in combination with his Zushi-Zushi Fruit, which allows him to alter gravity. For example, he once used his sword to open up a giant hole in the ground, sending his enemy tumbling into it.

Fujitora typically holds his sword using a reverse grip, and is ridiculously fast and precise. He can also infuse his sword with Busoshoku Haki, which is what helped him hold his own against Sabo and his Logia Devil Fruit.

3. Silvers Rayleigh

Top 15 Current Strongest Swordsman in One Piece, Ranked!
Silvers Rayleigh | Source: Fandom

Silvers Rayleigh is the former First Mate of the Roger Pirates. Although he is not a Devil Fruit user, Rayleigh is incredibly skilled as a fighter. He wields all three types of Haki and possesses the ability to use advanced Ryou as well.

Rayleigh is also a skilled swordsman, as seen when he halted Kizaru with his sword and even scraped him. Despite being very old, Rayleigh managed to hold an Admiral at bay, meaning in his prime, he must’ve been a true threat.

He fights using either a double-edged straight sword or a katana to create compressed air slashes, and boosts their power using Busoshoku Haki.

He not only mastered Busoshoku Haki himself, but was also able to successfully teach it to Luffy.

Fun fact about Rayleigh is that the Dark King is speculated to be the former Strongest Swordsman in One Piece who got defeated as he grew older and gave up his mantle to Mihawk.

2. Shanks

Top 15 Current Strongest Swordsman in One Piece, Ranked!
Shanks | Source: Fandom

Shanks is one of the Four Emperors, which implies he’s identified as one of the four strongest pirates in the world. He was Dracule Mihawk’s rival, which indicates that he must have been an amazing swordsman.

What’s more, he was able to stand up to Akainu’s magma fist with only his sword and his Busoshoku Haki. He was on equal ground with Whitebeard despite retaining just one arm.

1. Dracule Mihawk

Top 15 Current Strongest Swordsman in One Piece, Ranked!
Dracule Mihawk | Source: Fandom

Dracule Mihawk is the strongest swordsman in One Piece, and the wielder of the Saijō Ō Wazamono sword called Yoru. He specializes in the Gentle Blade style.

With his Conqueror’s Haki, Mihawk was able to blacken the blade. He’s speculated to be between Admiral and Yonkou level.

When he first appears, he was capable of effortlessly overthrowing a three sword-wielding Zoro with the single “crucifix” knife, his Kogatana. His knife is hung around his neck disguised as a pendant and generally used as a dinner knife.

This is already remarkable enough, but he soon demonstrates that he can do much more by slashing through steel, cutting an iceberg in half, and destroying multiple ships with his sword alone.

He uses Busoshoku Haki to strengthen his technique and preserve his swords from damage, a skill that he passed along to Zoro while he was training him.

Honorary Mention: Ryokugyu

Top 15 Current Strongest Swordsman in One Piece, Ranked!
Ryokugyu | Source: Fandom

Ryokugyu is the alias of an admiral in the Marines. He attained his rank during the two-year time skip, along with Fujitora.

He claims not to have eaten anything in three years and does battle perfectly fine. This just goes on to show how powerful he is.

Though there is not enough feat on his name, from the looks of it he is probably at the same level as Fujitora.

About One Piece

One Piece is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda. It has been serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine since July 22, 1997.

The man who had acquired everything in this world, the Pirate King, is Gol D. Roger. The final words he said at the execution tower were “My treasures? If you want it, I’ll let you have it. Look for it; I left all of it at that place.” These words sent many to the seas, chasing their dreams, headed toward the Grand Line, in search of One Piece. Thus began a new age!

Seeking to be the greatest pirate in the world, young Monkey D. Luffy also heads toward the Grand Line in search of One Piece. His diverse crew is joining him along the way, consisting of a swordsman, marksman, navigator, cook, doctor, archaeologist, and cyborg-shipwright, this will be one memorable adventure.

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