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Top 10 Strongest characters in Plunderer, Ranked!

Plunderer’s visionary worldbuilding is one of the highlights of the show. It brings forth a dramatic telling of how people’s survival in the world is determined by a mere numerical.

A little topsy-turvy in that and they’re whisked off to the dreaded Abyss. Moreover, what enriches this worldbuilding is the characters that thrive within it.

What is a dystopian world but a space for characters to exercise their strength and survival skills?

Plunderer has unearthed some really interesting and strong characters throughout the story. These characters have stimulated some eye-catching action scenes.

But how do they all fare in a ranking of the Strongest Characters in Plunderer? Scroll further and you’ll find out!

SPOILERS AHEAD! This page contains spoilers from Plunderer.

10. Yi Yan Xialou

Yi Yan Xialou is one of the Three Grand Generals from Althea Royal Guard. Xialou is introduced during the final few episodes of the season. She possesses a count of 131471.

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Her hydrokinesis ability bestowed upon her the title of Water Emperor. She possesses a Ballot Replica in the shape of a Jeweled Butcher Knife that helps her create and control water.

Strongest Plunderer Characters – Ranked! [Manga Spoilers]
Yi Yan Xialou | Source: Fandom

By manipulating its properties, she can choose to shield or drown an object. Jail states that she is one of the strongest Althea soldiers besides Alexandrov and the other Grand Generals.

Additionally, her swordsmanship skills are exemplary.

9. Friedkam Von Lightning

Friedkam Von Lightning holds a prestigious position as one of the Three Grand Generals of Althea Royal Guard. Friedkam is referred to as the ‘Thunder Emperor’ owning to his ability of electrokinesis.

Strongest Plunderer Characters – Ranked! [Manga Spoilers]
Friedkam Von Lightning | Source: Fandom

His Ballot Replica takes on the form of a single Saber which can manipulate lightning. Friedkam’s count rests at 156412. And true to his title, he displays excellent swordsmanship skills and efficient control of lightning through shockwaves.

His skills have been noted to be one of the best by Jail. Similar to Yi Yan Xialou, he made his appearance towards the end of the season.

8. Alexandrov Grigorovich

Alexandrov is one of the seven Legendary Red Barons known as the ‘Blast Baron’ and the foster-father of Jail. Moreover, he serves as the Commander of Althea Royal Guard.

Initially, his count remains at 280000 however after defeating Jail, his count increases to 324999. He can increase his count by activating Schmelman’s bloodlust genes.

Strongest Plunderer Characters – Ranked! [Manga Spoilers]
Alexandrov | Source: Fandom

As a Baron, he accesses special abilities such as pyrokinesis, heat manipulation, explosive fire manipulation and blasting fires. His battles with Jail and Tokikaze have established his mastery over combat skills.

He is known to have instructed powerful characters such as Robert, Avsette and Jail.

The Ace Of Explosive Strikes Jail VS Captain Alan Plunderer
Alexandrov vs Jail

7. Jail Murdoch

Jail is a squad leader under Althea Royal Guard with the rank of Lieutenant. His count, based on his iron-clad conviction, rests at 900. Jail’s current hidden count is 325000 after Alexandrov hands him his Ballot.

Jail dabbles with several abilities however his most noteworthy ability is his iron creation ability which he uses to create projectiles, tools, and other weapons.

Strongest Plunderer Characters – Ranked! [Manga Spoilers
Jail Murdoch | Source: Fandom

After inheriting the Alexandrov’s Ballot, he can access abilities such as pyrokinesis, explosive fire manipulation and creating fire blasts.

Jail possesses superhuman speed and conviction which allows him to detect lies, persevere and gain strength against all odds.

6. Robert Du Vanvich

Robert forms the third member of the Three Grand Generals. As the ‘Wind Emperor’, Robert can manipulate the wind to form attacks like tornadoes, whirlwinds, along with manipulating matter through wind.

After claiming Xialou and Friedkam’s Ballots, he possessed electrokinetic and hydrokinetic abilities.

Strongest Plunderer Characters – Ranked! [Manga Spoilers]
Robert Du Vanvich | Source: Fandom

Robert’s initial count was 130268 for all the times he’s single-mindedly pursued his goal but after claiming his peers’ Ballots, it is now at 140284.

During his fight with Jail, it is witnessed that Robert has the ability to enhance his muscle mass/ strength. As a Grand General, he maintains the standard of exceptional swordsmanship skills.

5. Douan Taketora

Douan is one of the seven Legendary Red Barons known as the ‘Heavy Baron’, i.e, Ace of Heavy Strikes.

Taketora is an extremely powerful Baron whose count stands at 122546 – which is the number of people who’ve yielded to him in battle. What’s scarier is that his count can increase to 612730 by activating Schmelman’s genes.

Strongest Plunderer Characters – Ranked! [Manga Spoilers]
Douan Taketora | Source: Fandom

His primary ability, Heavy Strike, allows him to manipulate gravity in creative ways. Generating downforce gravity, shield-like objects from gravitons, gravity bullets, and manipulating the gravity field are his forte.

Additionally, he possesses superhuman strength. In the anime, he can even create black holes.

Licht vs Doan Full Fight | PLUNDERER EPISODE 23 English Sub | Intolerant
Licht vs Douan

4. Gespenst Zerlegen

Gespenst is the tritagonist of Plunderer. Like his counterparts, he’s a modified human – a Legendary Red Baron – called the ‘Pierce Baron’.

His case reveals that count doesn’t signify power. His count is 120 for the number of people he’s doubted however it’s unknown whether that’s his true count.

Strongest Plunderer Characters – Ranked! [Manga Spoilers]
Gespenst Zerlegen | Source: Fandom

On the other hand, Gespenst’s skillset is unconventional as well – his mind reading skills have allowed him to get the best of his opponents – even Licht.

Due to his distinct skillset, he headed covert operations as an assassin, tactician with excellent deceptive skills.

3. Sakai Tokikaze

Sakai Tokikaze is the biological father of Hina and the adoptive brother of Licht.

Within the Legendary Red Barons, he’s recognized as the ‘Blink Baron’ based on his superhuman combative speed which seems to surpass Licht’s Flash. Instead of mobility, it’s his sword that can move at the speed of light.

Strongest Plunderer Characters – Ranked! [Manga Spoilers]
Sakai Tokikaze | Source: Fandom

His speed even allows him to cut through space and other dimensions. Much like any other Baron, Tokikaze can activate Schmelman’s genes and increase his count from 507025 to 5246639 at the cost of his sanity.

He possesses great swordsmanship skills and is shown to be flying in flashbacks. 

2. Licht Bach

Licht is the main protagonist of Plunderer and also one of the seven Legendary Red Barons known as the ‘Flash Baron’.

It’s revealed later that Licht’s true Ballot Replica has a count of 300000 and when activated through Schmelman’s genes – it goes upto 1500000. But it doesn’t end there!

Strongest Plunderer Characters – Ranked! [Manga Spoilers]
Licht Bach | Source: Fandom

Taketora mentions that his count is 5 times more than that so it’s estimated to be around 3000000 or higher. Beyond his count, Licht possesses superhuman speed, reflexes, striking and slashing speed.

Once activated, he can enhance this and even manipulate shockwaves. Like Tokikaze, he used special equipment to fly previously.

The Plunderer Licht Use His true Mask
Licht Bach!

1. Schmelman Bach

Schmelman Bach is the strongest character in the Plunderer series. Bach is Field Marshal of the Special Service. Even though his true count is unknown, his genes are so strong that he is the progenitor of all aces including Licht.

He is multitalented – with abilities of cryokinesis, superhuman speed, reflexes, strength and wide-range of combat mastery such as hand-to-hand combat, swordsmanship, spearmanship, club user and marksman.

Strongest Plunderer Characters – Ranked! [Manga Spoilers]
Schmelman Bach | Source: Fandom

His dual consciousness even allows him to negate Gespenst’s and Nana’s unique abilties. Schmelman is one of the few people who has a natural affinity with Althing and possesses superhuman abilities by birth.

Interestingly, he served as a personal instructor to all the Barons.

About Plunderer

Plunderer is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Suu Minazuki. It began serialization in Kadokawa Shoten’s Monthly Shōnen Ace magazine on December 26, 2014.

The story starts in the 305th year of the Alcian calendar. The world is controlled by seemingly random numbers, with every person owning their own “Count.”

On a more in-depth look, it is discovered that a Count is a number decided by an arbitrary logic. If the Count drops to 0, you’re sent into the Abyss.

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