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Top 10 Strongest Firefighters in Fire Force, Ranked!

Fire Force season 2 is definitely one of the most anticipated anime of the Summer 2020 anime lineup. Its luminescent and fluid animation along with its quirky characters accentuate the experience.

Along with this, the anime boasts the strength of these firefighters or fire force soldiers through some visually pleasing fight sequences.

But who do you think are the strongest Fire Force Soldiers in the episodes shown so far? We’ve put together the list to understand the strengths and potential of the Special Fire Force members.

Note: This list contains the true power rankings based on the later chapters in the manga but is entirely spoiler-free. Enjoy!

10. Takeru Noto

‘Juggernaut’ Takeru Noto is a Third Generation user. His ability has immense destructive capabilities and he could become a powerful long-distance fighter if he were to just hold his nerves and overcome his lack of control.

Takeru is capable of producing flames in the form of weapons and explosives.

Takeru’s abilities
Enen no Shouboutai (Fire Force) || Special Force Company 1 vs Takeru Noto
Takeru Noto vs Rekka Hoshimiya

Currently, Takeru can only launch tiny missiles but once he develops his power – he’s gonna be trouble in battle. Takeru’s layers of clothing also indicate that harming him physically will not be an easy task.

His Captain believes in his vast destructive power and Rekka Hoshimiya had also commented on his exceptional talent.

9. Karim Flam

Karim Flam is a Second Generation pyrokinetic and a Lieutenant of Special Fire Force Company 1.

strongest fire force soldiers
Karim Flam | Source: Fire Force Wiki – Fandom

Karim makes use of his instrument Thermoacoustic Refrigeration to collect heat energy and convert it into sound.

Karim’s abilities

Like sound, the temperature of the heat decreases and as it is played on a loop, he manages to create ice – which incapacitates his opponents.

Karim is also quick to strategize and therefore, is quite adept in battle. He shows immense creative and strategic capacity.

8. Maki Oze

‘The Witch Queen’ Maki Oze is quite a powerful Second Generation pyrokinetic Fire Force soldier. She holds a vast amount of potential in battle.

Maki's power | Fire Force
Maki vs Flail

Maki’s Second Generation abilities allow her to absorb any incoming flame for her manipulation or extinguishing them.

Maki’s abilities

Therefore, she creates a strong defense. Her hand-to-hand combat is quite solid allowing her to stand up against two Third Generations with ease. Maki’s confidence in battle and reflexes help her gain an upper ground. Maki’s abilities help her fight in a close and long-range.

7. Princess Hibana

Princess Hibana is the Captain of Special Fire Force Company 5 and a Third Generation pyrokinetic.

She holds the ability to create flower-shaped flames through her hand or fan.

Hibana’s abilties

These flames singe her opponent’s skin and she creates enough to harm multiple opponents.

strongest fire fighters in fire force season 2
Princess Hibana

Due to her scientific background and intelligence, Hibana is able to increase the temperature of her surroundings which paralyzes her opponents or renders their abilities useless.

She is also capable of enveloping her opponent’s body with heat which makes them dizzy. Her offensive strength and intelligence allow her to read her opponent’s well. Hibana is quite weak in combat with little to no experience.

6. Akitaru Obi

Akitaru Obi, the captain of Special Force Company 8, is a non-pyrokinetic fire force soldier. He compensates for his lack of power through physical training.

His constant training allows him to face Infernals head-on. Akitaru Obi carries 30 kg worth of equipment to fights and manages to put up a good fight.

Akitaru’s abilities
Fire Force - Obi vs. Benimaru
Akitaru Obi’s true battle prowess

His determination to do right by Infernals allows him to persevere in fights. Obi’s strategies, sheer will, and resourceful gadgets make him a good fighter and leader in a fight.

Takehisa and Akitaru might not have extraordinary powers but they’ve made up for it through training and strategies that put them on the map.

5. Ogun Montgomery

Ogun Montgomery is a Third Generation pyrokinetic from Special Fire Force Company 4 and is portrayed as a peacemaker who doesn’t like conflicts – contrary to other Fire Force soldiers who are just itching to fight.

Ogun can create rod-like weapons out of his flames, which he can launch at his opponents. He also possesses a technique known as Flamy Ink, in which he “tattoos” flames onto his body to temporally increase his strength.

Ogun’s abilities
TVアニメ『炎炎ノ消防隊 弐ノ章』キャラクターPV Side:オグン|2020年7月放送開始
Ogun Montgomery

He is a good friend of Arthur and Shinra back from their training days. Ogun was able to endure a direct flaming kick from a seemingly possessed Shinra which goes to show his endurance abilities.

4. Arthur Boyle

Arthur, also known as ‘The Knight King,’ is a Third Generation user who is capable of increasing the temperature of his flames to a plasma state.

He creates and controls his plasma through a bladeless sword that helps him cut through any object or person.

Arthur’s abilities
Arthur Vs Infernal
Arthur vs Infernal

He is also able to generate electricity and can use his abilities effectively while using his right hand. Arthur is seen to have keen eyesight and reflexes as he is able to dodge the attacks of Setsuo.

He is usually calm and nonchalant during his battles – therefore, he remains unfazed by intimidating opponents. Arthur also possesses a lot of raw physical strength.

3. Shinra Kusakabe

Shinra Kusakabe the ‘Devil’s Footprints’ is a Third Generation pyrokinetic of Special Fire Force Company 8. He is also the fourth pillar out of the eight who have Adolla Link & Adolla Burst.

Shinra’s abilities allow him to produce fire from his feet. The force released by the fire propels him and gives him flight ability and unpredictable movements.

Shinra’s abilities
strongest fire force soldiers
Shinra Kusakabe | Source: Fire Force Wiki-Fandom

His unpredictable movements and the immense force of his fire helps him hold his ground against intimidating opponents.

Shinra is also well trained in ordinary combat that accentuates his attacks. He has time and again proven that his power taps into Adolla with his exceptional grasp over fighting.

2. Leonard Burns

Leonard Burns, also known as ‘The Lion,’ is a Third Generation pyrokinetic and the captain of Special Fire Force Company 1.

Burns uses “Fire Incarnate,” i.e., he burns the flames within his body like a furnace to create thermal energy that increases his physical abilities.

Leonard’s abilities
Shinra vs Leonard Burns | Fire Force
Leonard Burns vs Shinra Kusakabe

The force emitted by this energy keeps his opponents at bay and therefore, allows him to redirect his opponent’s attacks.

His offence requires minimum effort as the sheer force of his actions sends his opponents spiralling.

Leonard Burns is extremely powerful. His sturdy body and speed are only second to Shinmon Benimaru. However, there is no doubt that if they fight, Shinmon Benimaru is stronger than Leonard Burns.

1. Shinmon Benimaru

Shinmon Benimaru, the captain of Company 7, is the strongest fire soldier in Fire Force and the strongest captain. Benimaru is a hybrid of a second and third-generation pyrokinetic which allows him to both produce flames and control other flames.

Shinmon Benimaru - strongest fire force character
Shinmon Benimaru

Benimaru uses matois (flags used by firemen in the Edo Period) to fly long distances by igniting flames and controlling them which are also used as a weapon in combat.

Shinmon’s abilities

He holds the ability to control and direct bullets like Takehisa and is exceptionally well at hand-to-hand combat.

One of the most fascinating fighting techniques of his is his powerful blast that resembles a crimson moon as seen during the fight against Demon Infernal.

Benimaru Shinmon vs Demon | Fire Force
Shinmon Benimaru
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