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Strongest Fire Force Soldiers Ranked!

Fire Force is definitely gaining some ground along with the popular summer season anime. Its luminescent and fluid animation along with its quirky characters accentuate the experience. Along with this, the anime boasts the strength of these soldiers through some visually pleasing fight sequences. But who do you think are the strongest Fire Force Soldiers in the episodes shown so far? We’ve put together the list to understand the strengths and potential of the Special Fire Force members.

10 Takehisa Hinawa/ Akitaru Obi

The tenth position is a tie between the Lieutenant and Captain of Company 8. Takehisa is a second-generation pyrokinetic who uses firearms and manipulates the flames in these to increase or decrease the impact of the bullet. Takehisa uses his creativity with his Second Generation abilities to direct the trajectory of the bullets -- allowing them to ricochet. He even manages to adjust the speed of the bullets. Hinawa would work well against long-distance opponents.

Akitaru Obi compensates for his lack of power through physical training. His constant training allows him to face Infernals head-on. His determination to do right by Infernals allows him to persevere in fights. Akitaru Obi carries 30 kg worth of equipment to fights and manages to put up a good fight. His strategies, sheer will, and resourceful gadgets make him a good fighter and leader in a fight. Takehisa and Akitaru might not have extraordinary powers but they’ve made up for it through training and strategies that put them on the map.

9 Maki Oze

Maki Oze -- Company 8

Technically, Takehisa and Akitaru would do better than Maki in battle due to their seniority but Maki is quite a powerful Second Generation user. She holds a vast amount of potential in battle. Maki’s Second Generation abilities allow her to absorb any incoming flame for her manipulation or extinguishing them. Therefore, she creates a strong defence. Her hand-to-hand combat is quite solid allowing her to stand up against Two Third Generations. Maki’s confidence in battle and reflexes help her gain an upper ground. Maki’s abilities help her fight in a close and long-range. If nurtured, she could become quite powerful.

8 Takeru Noto

A Trainee vs A Lieutenant | Fire Force

Takeru Noto, also known as Juggernaut, being a Third Generation user, is capable of producing flames in the form of weapons and explosives. His ability has immense destructive capabilities and he could become a powerful long-distance fighter if he were to just hold his nerves and overcome his lack of control. Currently, Takeru can only launch tiny missiles but once he develops his power -- he’s gonna be trouble in battle. Takeru’s layers of clothing also indicate that harming him physically will not be an easy task. His Captain believes in his vast destructive power and Rekka Hoshimiya had also commented on his exceptional talent.

7 Arthur Boyle

Arthur Boyle -- Company 8

Arthur is a Third Generation user who is capable of increasing the temperature of his flames to a plasma state. He creates and controls his plasma through a bladeless sword that helps him cut through any object or person (with the exception of Leonard Burns). He is also able to generate electricity and is able to use his abilities effectively while using his right hand. Arthur is seen to have keen eyesight and reflexes as he is able to dodge the attacks of Setsuo. Arthur is usually calm and nonchalant during his battles -- therefore, he remains unfazed by intimidating opponents. Arthur also possesses a lot of raw physical strength.

6 Shinra Kusakabe

Shinra VS Joker | Rookie Games | Fire Force Episode 3

Our protagonist, Shinra Kusakabe, is a Third Generation user that manages to produce fire from his feet. The force released by the fire propels him and gives him flight ability. His ability to move around and kick his opponents is quite flexible. This mobility of his allows him to dodge attacks and approach his opponents in the most creative of ways. His unpredictable movements and the immense force of his fire helps him hold his ground against intimidating opponents. Shinra is also well trained in ordinary combat that accentuates his attacks.

5 Princess Hibana

Princess Hibana
Princess Hibana

She is the Captain of Company 5 and a Third Generation pyrokinetic. She holds the ability to create flower-shaped flames through her hand or fan. These flames singe her opponent’s skin and she creates enough to harm multiple opponents. Due to her scientific background and intelligence, Hibana is able to increase the temperature of her surroundings which paralyze her opponents or renders their abilities useless. She is also capable of enveloping her opponent’s body with heat which makes them dizzy. Her offensive and intelligent strength is high allowing her to read her opponent’s well. Hibana is quite weak in combat with little to no experience.

4 Rekka Hoshimiya

Rekka Hoshimiya
Rekka Hoshimiya

Rekka is part of Company 1 and is a Third Generation pyrokinetic who can produce flames from his arms. Rekka uses a combination of karate skills and physical strength to fight in battle. He shows great reflexes while being able to dodge Takeru’s missiles with ease. Rekka can manage to land powerful punches on his opponent by using his flames to push his fist forward along with his expertise in karate. Rekka is able to launch his flames at distant opponents. His physical strength which is immense (him making Tamaki unconscious with a hug) makes his flame attacks more dangerous.

3 Karim Flam

karim flam
Karim Flam

Karim is a Second Generation pyrokinetic that makes use of his instrument Thermoacoustic Refrigeration to collect heat energy and convert it into sound. Like sound, the temperature of the heat decreases and as it is played on a loop, he manages to create ice -- which incapacitates his opponents. Karim is also quick to strategise and therefore, is quite adept in battle. He shows immense creative and strategic capacity.

2 Leonard Burns

Shinra and Arthur vs Leonard | Fire Force

Leonard Burns is a Third Generation pyrokinetic who uses “Fire Incarnate” -- i.e, he burns the flames within his body like a furnace to create thermal energy that increases his physical abilities. The force emitted by this energy keeps his opponents at bay and therefore, allows him to redirect his opponent’s attacks. His offence requires minimum effort as the sheer force of his actions sends his opponents spiralling. His sturdy body and speed make him a huge asset that could rival Benimaru.

1 Shinmon Benimaru

Shinmon Benimaru - The Mightiest Fire Soldier | Fire Force | Episode 12

Shinmon Benimaru is called the mightiest Fire Soldier and for good reason. He is the captain of Company 7. Benimaru is a hybrid of a second and third generation pyrokinetic which allows him to produce flames but also control flames from an external source. Benimaru uses matois (flags used by firemen in the Edo Period) to fly long distances by igniting flames and controlling them which are also used as a weapon in combat. Benimaru holds the ability to control and direct bullets like Takehisa and is extremely well at hand-to-hand combat. Benimaru holds other abilities that are yet to be shown in the anime. He holds an immense amount of destructive power.

Honorary Mention

Our Special mention is in Company 1 -- later demoted to Company 8 -- Tamaki Kotatsu. Tamaki’s powers as a Third Generation pyrokinetic gives her great potential to step up the charts but her potential hasn’t been tapped into much in the anime yet.

Know more about the Generations in Fire Force


Fire Force takes place in Solar Year 198 where humanity is plagued with the phenomenon -- Spontaneous Human Combustion. Humans live in constant fear of combusting into flames and turning into a type of being which is devoid of a sense of self, called the Infernals. This phenomenon was preceded by the Great Disaster that engulfed continents in flames and destroyed countries. 

Throughout this disaster, some areas remained unaffected. The topography of what came to be known as the Tokyo Empire was relatively stable and persevered through the ordeal. A thermal power plant Amaterasu was built that provided energy to the Empire and resulted in large scale immigration.

This phenomenon brought other changes to the human race such as pyrokinetics where -- those who spontaneously combusted into flames were called Infernals/ First Generation. Along with that emerged a section of the society that could manipulate flames called the Second Generation. The Third Generations go higher up with their ability to produce flames from any part of their body. Thus, the world was as bizarre as it could get.

As aptly put by the show’s narration -- there are numerous ways to die but the one feared the most is -- death by fire. This inexplicable phenomenon forced the Tokyo Armed Forces, The Holy Sol Temple and the Tokyo Fire Defence Agency to create the superhuman ‘Special Fire Force’ in collaboration with Haijima Industries. These firefighters take up the responsibility to put the Infernals at peace and restore order to society. 

The plot of Fire Force

The plot of the anime is centred around Shinra Kusakabe, a Third Generation pyrokinetic, who joins the underdog Company 8 of the Special Fire Force to become a hero. Infamously known as “the Devil’s FootPrints” for he can generate fire from his feet -- Shinra’s past is shrouded with a mysterious incident that led to his mother and brother’s death. While attempting to move away from the label of a “Devil”, Shinra moves forward to figure out what happened the night his family died. 

The anime’s strengths begin with its religious connotations -- it’s a unique venture to associate Fire Fighting with the exorcism of the Infernals is wildly engrossing. Infernals are seen as lost souls that seek guidance to salvation. The attempt to take care of Infernals does not come from a malicious place -- rather they hope to guide these souls to peace.

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