Manga Takes Another Month-Long Break

World Trigger

By Epic Dope Staff | December 29, 2021

A manga going on a hiatus sounds painful, but a mangaka’s health being the reason for it sounds even worse. This time, a popular sci-fi manga faces a similar situation, worrying its fans.

Shueisha’s Jump SQ magazine announced World Trigger manga’s month-long hiatus during its February issue due to Daisuke Ashihara’s poor health.

The manga will resume serialization in the magazine’s March issue scheduled for shipping and distribution on February 4, 2022.

The World Trigger manga is going through its Expedition Selection Exam arc, where the squads are participating and competing against each other in The Away Mission Test.

The deadline pressure often leads to incomplete storylines, sketchy panels, or missing critical information planned by the author.

I really wish for Ashihara’s speedy recovery and hope he gets plenty of rest before coming back.