Webtoon Announces TOG Comeback

Tower Of God Returns!!!

By Epic Dope Staff | May 2, 2021

Tower of God, a manhwa by SIU, became immensely popular last year but went on an indefinite hiatus at its peak.

Webtoon announced today on Twitter that Tower of God is returning on Webtoon in Summer 2021!

The dark fantasy started in June 2010 and went on a hiatus in 2020 in the middle of an ongoing arc due to the writer Lee Jong-Hui’s health issues.

The chapter released before the manhwa went on a break was Chapter 68 of S3, The Second Defensive Wall Pt. 2.

So far in the story was left on a cliffhanger when Princess Mascheny Jahad captured Ha Jinsung as bait.

All the lovers of the manhwa are on cloud nine with the news and can’t wait for it to release!