Spy Struggles Being a Family Man

Spy x Family

By Epic Dope Staff | December 20, 2021

Having a family and fulfilling your duties as the man of the family is a mission that even a best spy struggles with.

Spy x Family has revealed a hilarious and action-filled PV for its upcoming anime slated to come out in April 2022.

The PV starts with Loid getting briefed about his upcoming mission called Operation Strix, where he has to infiltrate a social event attended by many VIPs held at an elite school.

Loid is ordered to arrange a fake family in a week and enroll his kid in that school for this task.

He just had to get the most eccentric fake family ever that includes an assassin for his wife, a mind-reader girl as his child, and a pet dog who can look into the future.

The story is a classic spy comedy that you don’t want to miss out on. I am so excited to watch it I can barely wait till the release.