Mob Psycho 100 Stage Play

Play Celebrates Fifth's Anniversary

By Epic Dope Staff | July 12, 2021

Mob Psycho 100 even after five years, still holds the same charm it had back in 2016, and many will agree that Mob is one of the best series in anime.

They announced that Stage Play Mob Psycho 100 ~Crash! Craw 7th Division~’s ticket will be available for purchase starting 10th July.

Stage company Marvelous announced that the stage play would run in Tokyo’s Hulic Hall from 6th to 15th August.

Though the interest in Mob Psycho is very high, there have been no developments for Mob Psycho Season 3 due to the pandemic.

If you are a sci-fi fan or just into shounen action, you need to get on with Mob Psycho 100 now! You can watch the series on Netflix, so catch it soon.