The Vampire Dies in No Time

Wimpy Vamp Revealed In PV

By Epic Dope Staff | March 28, 2021

You have heard of over-powered protagonists, now get ready for the most under-powered protagonist ever in The Vampire Dies in No Time series.

Dralc may be scrawny and prone to dying frequently, but he is still known to be invincible. He can regenerate as quickly as he tends to die.

The Vampire Dies in No Time anime will premiere in October 2021. A new official trailer has just been released for the upcoming action-comedy anime!

The new trailer shows Dralc and his many enemies who want to kill him. Dralc had to team-up with Vampire Hunter Ronaldo to avert rogue vamps.

A teaser visual showing Dralc and Ronaldo is also revealed. Now that both of them have teamed-up, they hope to survive all the unwelcome chaos.

The story of a vampire and a vampire hunter protecting each-other is bound to give you some good laughs!