Release of New Manga & Anime

Upcoming Releases for North America

By Epic Dope Staff | July 28, 2021

The perpetual struggle of keeping up with the release dates of our favorite manga and anime can be exhausting.

That is why, to appease otakus, we are here with the new anime and manga release schedule of July 25-31 2021 in the North American Region.

Some of the anime releasing are Black Rock Shooter, City Hunter, Fighting General Daimos & Pokémon: Black and White DVD.

CITY, I'm Standing on a Million Lives, My Senpai Is Annoying & Sweat and Soap are some of the print manga releasing in the NA region.

On the other hand, Harem Marriage, I'm in Love with the Villainess, Saint Young Men & Time Paradox Ghostwriter are the digital manga releasing.

So, all there’s left to say is that we wish you to have a great experience watching and reading!