The Crows’ Battle will End With 2 Part Film Series


By Epic Dope Staff | September 11, 2022

Karasuno’s ‘Fallen Crows’ are ready to take their final flight and give a worthy conclusion to the Haikyu!! anime series.

Luckily it seems like the team’s back on it as the franchise has announced the Haikyu!! anime will conclude with a two-part film series.

TOHO Animation’s trailer portrays Hinata and Kageyama’s journey from the start through manga panels and anime scenes.

The trailer proceeds to show Shoyo and Tobio’s fateful encounter as opponents during a junior high match.

During the previous arcs, the age-old rival teams have challenged each other multiple times, promising to fight each other at the nationals.

Will Shoyo finally ignite the fire of passion inside Kenma in this match? We don’t know that yet, but one thing that I can assure you about is that this match will be worth the wait.