SpyxFamily: Manga Hiatus

New One Shot Released

By Epic Dope Staff | June 14, 2021

Spy x Family is one of the best spy manga out there. It brings you a whole lot of other things, along with the coolest spy in the world.

The manga is going on a week-long break. It was announced that there wouldn't be a new chapter this week.

His popular one-shot called Ishi ni Usubeni, Tetsu ni Hoshi will be published on the Shonen Jump+ app instead!

The popular one-shot is a modern shonen take on the tale and character of Medusa from Greek Mythology.

A hero that saves Medusa instead of slaying her is exactly the kind of content I never knew I needed.

The show's peculiar characters who do not fit into traditional stereotypes serve as a new and refreshing story.