Mini 4 King

New Manga About 4WD Racecars

By Epic Dope Staff | July 23, 2021

Hiroyuki Takei is a veteran mangaka who has given us a few classics and has even collaborated with Stan Lee on Ultimo!

The official website for the Monthly Coro Coro Comics magazine has announced it has started the serialization of Hiroyuki Takei new manga Mini 4 King.

The visual for the manga shows Mota Kudo, the main character of the story holding up his Road Spirit (VZ Chassis) Laser Mini 4WD race car.

The manga revolves around kids racing these Laser Mini 4WD cars with each other.

Although the manga is aimed at kids, this could very well be a strategy to sell off more toys, but when it comes to story, we know it would not be lacking.