Unveils 1st PV Ft. Characters for Debut

Shadowverse Flame

By Epic Dope Staff | January 13, 2022

Anime series adapted from video games have become a trend in recent years, and Shadowverse is one fine example of it.

Shadowverse Flame anime has released its first PV introducing the characters and revealing its April 2, 2022 premiere.

The PV features the protagonists Light, Itsuki, and Subaru with their Digital Friends Dragnir, Slade, and Bakels.

The franchise also revealed a key visual featuring the main characters with Digital Friends on a stage.

Light is with Dragnir, a unique Digital Friend as he can talk unlike the others, Itsuki is holding Slade, and Subaru is with Bakels.

The upcoming second season is unique because it doesn’t follow up on the previous season. Instead, it gives us a completely new story with fresh characters in the same universe.