Teaser Reveals Season 2’s Premiere


By Epic Dope Staff | January 15, 2022

We all have done many things to get over exes but have you ever rented a girlfriend and then deliberately gave her a bad rating? Sounds petty and unreasonable?

Rent-A-Girlfriend anime has been green-lit for a second season scheduled to premiere in July 2022.

It starts with Kazuya’s love interests, calling out his name endearingly. After that, a distressed Kazuya is shown trying to figure out the various romantic affairs he’s involved in.

We also get a glimpse of some sad scenes where we see Chizuru crying, and we can guess the reason is her feelings for Kazuya.

A new visual featuring the four girls, Chizuru, Mami, Ruka, and Sumi, was also revealed.

I just know that it’s going to give a tough competition to all the other rom-coms coming out in 2022.