Peachboy Riverside: Gruesome Folklore

Cast, Staff, & Visual Updates

By Epic Dope Staff | February 15, 2021

An Oni brings princess Sally closer to Oni hunter Mikoto, making these two ladies go on a monster-hunting journey.

Peachboy Riverside recently shared some new information on the latest addition to the cast, staff, and a new visual.

The visual shows the cheerful side of things. Mikoto, and Sally are smiling happily, and we also get to see the new characters named Frau, Carrot, and Dog.

The new members are voiced by M.A.O, Megumi Toda, & Jiro Saito. The staff includes Takaaki Nakahashi, and more.

Peachboy Riverside bases on the folklore of Momotaro. Coolkyoushinja relays that everyone is Momotarou and can easily conquer their own evil.

He lets his protagonist Sally shine with this ideology and shows Sally eyes burning with a little peach flame, burning with the desire to get rid of evil.