Releases a Menacing PV for 2022 Premiere


By Epic Dope Staff | December 18, 2021

Overlord is an isekai that never gets boring and can stand out in the genre.

The dark fantasy and isekai anime Overlord has revealed a frightening new PV teasing an upcoming war for its season 4 premiere in 2022.

The PV gives a threatening feel as it shows glimpses of Ainz, the Floor Guardians, and the other kingdoms preparing to resist against the Sorcerer King.

Season 4 is supposed to adapt the Ruler of Conspiracy arc where Ainz decides to make his kingdom a paradise for all species.

The franchise also revealed a visual featuring Ainz with the other residents of Nazarick and a terrifying new enemy in the background.

This arc deals with the opposition, taking Ainz’s wish for a utopian kingdom further away.

Also, not to forget about the upcoming movie that adapts the Holy Kingdom arc from the manga.