Enter a Mini Arc for Upcoming Movie

One Piece

By Epic Dope Staff | May 25, 2022

One Piece’s Wano Country arc is consistent with the thrill and action, making fans go crazy over every episode. But sadly, the storyline will be put on pause for a while.

One Piece will be holding up the Wano Country arc for a while and introducing a new mini-arc to set the premise for its upcoming One Piece Film: Red premiering this year.

As I was saying, Uta is special for many reasons, like being the world’s most famous diva and being Shanks’s alleged daughter.

But it’s still a lot to take in. Shanks is a mysterious character, and suddenly we’re told he has a blood relative, that too, a daughter.

Oda is a mysterious and unpredictable man, so it only makes sense that he shoves such plots right in our faces when we least expect it.

The movie is about Uta and Shanks, but we all know that the Strawhats will somehow find their way amid the chaos.