Odd Taxi Anime: April 2021 Debut

Trailer Gives Us First Look

By Epic Dope Staff | February 22, 2021

Imagine a world where animals are required to abide by the law and co-exist in peace. Pony Canyon announced an anime about Kotokawa, a taxi-driver.

The official YouTube channel for Odd Taxi anime revealed its second PV. The anime will be broadcasting on TV Tokyo and AT-X from April 2021.

The video takes us to the busy streets of the city where Kotokawa drives his taxi. His customers and their conversations are the only things ‘new’.

The video also reveals that there’s something fishy going on around the city filled with neon lights. A shorter PV revealed the cast and staff details.

Crunchyroll announced during its Fifth Annual Anime Awards that it will stream the Old Taxi anime along with six other new anime this year.

The characters have many human emotions that you forget that they’re animals. It makes us wonder about how similar this world is to our own.