Cowboy Bebop

Live Adaptation Airing This Fall!!!

By Epic Dope Staff | June 12, 2021

Cowboy Bebop is one of the few stories in the world that genuinely feel timeless.

Netflix announced that Yoko Kanno, the composer of the 1998 Cowboy Bebop anime theme song ’Tank!,’ will be working on the live adaptation as well.

Netflix also announced that the Cowboy Bebop live adaptation would be airing on the streaming platform later this fall!

Most of the cast of the Bebop except for Edward “Radical Ed” Wong IV, is confirmed to be a recurring character.

The anime follows two bounty hunters: Spike Spiegel, and Jet Black. The duo hunts bounties and collects rewards as the source of income.

With only a few months more left to go, this is the perfect time to catch up to the Cowboy Bebop anime saga.