Netflix Collab With Japanese Studio

Netflix & Digital Frontier Tie Up

By Epic Dope Staff | March 17, 2021

Netflix’s recent obsession with 3D CG anime is nothing new. However, it seems like Netflix is ready to collab with Japanese studios.

Japanese studio, Digital Frontier, is collaborating with Netflix’s digital production department for future CGI anime projects.

Alice in Borderland, the survival, suspense genre live-action series, was the first project of the Netflix and Digital Frontier collab.

But, the major part of the studio’s projects includes animated films, live-action films, and video-game scenes.

Its most famous live-action film adaptations include Death Note, Bleach, and others. It has also assisted with video games of Tekken, Resident Evil, etc.

Let’s see what this collaboration brings to us and whether it is able to revolutionize the field of CGI anime.