Netflix Announces Comeback After 7 Years

Tiger And Bunny

By Epic Dope Staff | November 9, 2021

Wild Tiger and Barnaby Brooks Jr. are back at it again, as Tiger & Bunny returns after a seven-year-long hiatus.

Netflix has released a visual for the upcoming Tiger & Bunny 2 anime. The first season of Tiger & Bunny will also be released on Netflix soon.

The visual features Kotetsu and Barnaby and their suits with a brightly lit Sternbild City in the background. Their suits seem to be unchanged except for minor accents on the helmets.

The second season of Tiger & Bunny will have a total of 25 episodes and will be exclusively available on Netflix.

As the number of heroes keep increasing, some new ones have entered Sternbild City to study the system from where it originated from.

Even though Barnaby and Kotetsu are expected to help as senior heroes, it seems like the sponsor is pushing them back to let their new heroes rise.