Levius: Jan 2021 Japanese Debut

Miyano Mamoru To Perform ED

By Epic Dope Staff | October 20, 2020

Levius is an ONA that premiered on Netflix. The series is now about to have its debut on Japanese television in 2021.

The official website of Levius announced that the anime will be broadcast in Japan starting Jan 2021 on Tokyo MX & BS11.

“Link Or Chains” is the opening theme. Nana Mizuki will perform it. While, Mamoru Miyano will be performing the ending theme, “Beautiful Doll.”

Mamoru Miyano and Nana Mizuki are talented and well-known voice actors in the Japanese anime field.

The visual released shows the premiere date and other details of Levius. All the leading contenders in Metalboxing are featured in the visual.

The story is set in a 19th-century city where people who have technologically modified robotic body parts compete with each other in Metalboxing.