Black Clover 271: Spoilers & Theories

Nacht Revealed To Host 4 Devils!

By Epic Dope Staff | November 8, 2020

When all hope is lost in the upcoming battle against the devils, a wildcard appears in the universe.

Chapter 271 of Black Clover has been leaked, & Nacht is ready to fight Asta & Liebe using his devil Gimodelo. With one crucial detail revealed.

Nacht isn’t a host to just 1 devil, instead, he hosts 4! Besides Gimodelo, he hosts three other devils who look like a cat, a donkey, & a rooster.

Unlike Liebe, Nacht’s devils are still in the underworld. Nacht summons them from time to time by using 4 relics.

Possession of 4 devils at the same time is unheard of. If such a skill existed, then it might give Asta an edge as well.

Whether hosting more than a single devil is a skill that can be learned or it is Nacht’s special power is still unknown.

Asta realizes the difference between using 100% power of 4 devils & a contract of equality with 1. He takes an oath to defeat & surpass Nacht.