Mysterious Connection b/w Sukuna & Kenjaku

Jujutsu Kaisen

By Epic Dope Staff | September 16, 2021

Shonen genre plots are famous for mysterious connections between major characters like the main character and the antagonist.

The latest chapter 158 hints at a mysterious and intriguing connection between Ryomen Sukuna and Kenjaku.

The flashback, showed us baby Yuji with his dad Jin and grandfather while also giving us a glimpse of Yuji’s mother.

The weird thing was she had stitch markings on her forehead like Kenjaku. Yuji’s possible mother, who chapter 143 teased, is most likely Kenjaku.

It doesn’t come off as surprising that the evil sorcerer has been preparing Yuji to be Sukuna’s vessel ever since his birth.

If he is designed to be Sukuna’s vessel, then will he betray Jujutsu Tech in the end? Will he be forced to do something horrible? Will he be forced to give himself up?