My Hero Academia S5 EP 0: Movie Origin

Original Episode Hints At Movie

By Epic Dope Staff | March 19, 2021

My Hero Academia Season 5 will begin in just a few more days, and the series has been building anticipation amongst fans!

It was recently announced that My Hero Academia Season 5 will have air an original episode on 27th March.

An ‘Episode 0’ is supposed to air on 27th March, which is S5’s debut date. EP 0 will be an original episode hinting at the plot of MHA’s third movie.

The 3rd movie of the franchise has been kept under wraps so far. The real plot of the anime’s fifth season is likely to start airing from April 3 as EP 1.

At least, the introduction to the movie will be more interesting than a recap episode. S5 will adapt the Class 1A vs. 1B competition arc of the manga.