Goes Pragmatic With Manga’s Latest Chapter

My Hero Academia

By Epic Dope Staff | December 22, 2021

Realism and rationality are rare phenomena in a shonen manga, but My Hero Academia stood out for adding this aspect to their story.

My Hero Academia’s chapter 338 deals with a realistic aspect of the story as Aoyama and his family are sent to receive the appropriate punishment.

Although the students resisted saying that Aoyama could be used to get the upper hand in the war, detective Tsukauchi took Aoyama and his parents away.

Even Kirishima and Deku’s ambitious words couldn’t sway their decision.

Aoyama is guilty of a serious crime and needs to be punished accordingly, no matter his circumstances.

The manga has been going pretty smoothly ever since Deku came back to UA, but this just seems like the calm before the storm.