My Hero Academia

Deku Surpasses All Might

By Epic Dope Staff | June 22, 2021

With the weight of the world on Deku's shoulders, the latest chapter showcases him in a fearsome manner.

Chapter 317 features Deku seemingly making easy work of an assassin sent by All for One.

Between being a hero and facing his destiny, he has taken on the appearance of an anti-villain rather than a hero.

It is very clear that All Might sees the parallel in Midoriya, and now probably understands the feelings of those around him when he was at the top.

Deku has willingly left All Might’s side in order to protect him, but All for One isn’t sweet enough to overlook that.

The recent events leading up to Midoriya’s decision have taken a heavy toll on him and forced him to reevaluate his actions.