Moriarty The Patriot: BluRays & DVDs!

Glimpse Of Sherlock In Cour 2

By Epic Dope Staff | November 14, 2020

19th century England is a corrupt era ruled by noblemen, & the Moriarty brothers have a master-plan to take them all down one-by-one.

Moriarty the Patriot is currently streaming the first cour of the anime, while cour 2 will premiere in April 2021. A PV for the same was released.

It introduces the most anticipated character of all, Sherlock Holmes. Holmes will enter the scene as the arch-nemesis of James Moriarty.

A commercial video for the BluRay & DVD release of the anime was revealed. The BluRay & DVDs of the anime will start shipping on Jan 27th, 2021.

Tasuku will perform the OP song of the anime called “Dying Wish.” The ED song is “Alpha” by STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION.