Mob Psycho 100 3rd Stage Play

Visual, Cast & Release Date

By Epic Dope Staff | May 12, 2021

Mob Psycho 100 is a brilliant combination of action, slice of life, and comedy that makes it engaging and fun to watch.

Stage company Marvelous announced that it is producing a new stage play adaptation on the anime.

Titled, Mob Psycho 100 "Crash! Tsume's 7th Branch", it will run in Tokyo's Hulic Hall from August 6 to 15.

The new visual shows most of the cast members in their avatars and all are looking stunning.

The show will be based on the manga's third "Ritsu" arc, which was told from its 20th to 33rd chapters.

We will see Mob's brother, Ritsu, taken away by a man who claims to be part of an organization called "Claw."

The previous show’s writer/director Keita Kawajiri will return for the third.

You are seriously missing out on something in life if you haven't watched this anime yet!