Visual Shows Parallels for Deku & Shigaraki

My Hero Academia

By Epic Dope Staff | November 22, 2021

My Hero Academia checks every box on the shonen protagonist’s must-haves list and has never disappointed us with the story arcs.

My Hero Academia anime has unveiled a hair-raising visual featuring Deku and Shigaraki for its upcoming season 6.

The key visual portrays a parallel between the series’ main protagonist and antagonist in a compelling manner.

It really hits you out of nowhere that Deku and Shigaraki are fighting adults’ battles, and all the responsibilities are on their fragile shoulders.

By far, this will be MHA’s most critical arc where everything goes haywire, and the world seems to be shrouded under a blanket of darkness.

As a manga reader, I know that MHA’s wholesome days are long gone, and all that awaits us is pain and agony.