Perfect Replacement For Detnerat Company

My Hero Academia

By Epic Dope Staff | January 5, 2022

A war is only won when those on the frontlines have a support system they can rely on. Similarly, the heroes in cannot beat AFO and Shigaraki without the help of the students.

My Hero Academia’s chapter 339 shows how talented Hatsume is in inventing things that help the heroes.

To be precise, Hatsume makes the perfect replacement for Re-Destro’s company Detnerat that produces lifestyle support items.

After every major fight, Deku ends up at the hospital with his bones broken.

Melissa’s prototype gloves reduced this risk by a lot and contained the impact of OFA whenever Deku went all out.

Defeating AFO will take a lot of power, but the villains are unaware of UA’s support course students and Hatsume. These people can shift the war in the heroes’ favor when the time comes.