Broadcast to Resume with Episode 4

Kingdom Season 3 Resumes Next Year

By Epic Dope Staff | October 7, 2020

According to a recent notice on the official website of the anime, Kingdom season 3 would resume broadcasting in Spring 2021 with its 4th episode.

Season 3 was halted after four episodes in April due to the COVID pandemic. It covers the Alliance Arc and continues with the Coalition Invasion Arc.

In episode 4, the War between Fei Xin forces and Qin continues. Xin plans on leading the troops into the rear and charges into 10000 soldiers.

Meanwhile, the soldiers try to climb up the Hangu pass only to be showered by arrows. A siege tower heads towards the Zhang Tang Army Headquarters.

The tower does not reach up to the walls of Hangu Pass; suddenly, the tower slingshots a bridge connecting the top of Hangu Pass walls and the tower.

Will the soldiers be able to breach the walls of the impenetrable Hangu Pass and start Qin’s Downfall? Let’s wait for episode 5 to find out.