Higuruma’s New Rule & Point Transfer Saves Yuji

Jujutsu Kaisen

By Epic Dope Staff | December 7, 2021

Chapter 167 of Jujutsu Kaisen showed Yuji and Megumi’s target rule added to the Culling games.

Although Higuruma didn’t join Yuji in his quest, he did ask Kogane to add one more rule to the game. The new rule is that players can transfer their points to other players.

Since Yuji has one point, he is now safe from cursed technique removal. Even after 19 days, he won’t have to worry about killing others as the new rule will aid him.

The only reason this rule was set was to prevent people from killing each other in order for their points to not remain static.

Now that a point has been added, it leads us to question whether another 100 points can remove a player’s rule as well.

Yuji having to kill anyone. Will this situation last for long? With all the aggressive players and Kenjaku plotting behind the scenes, it is improbable for things to go smoothly.