Megumi Han Hints Anime's Return

Hunter x Hunter Comeback!?

By Epic Dope Staff | February 8, 2021

Is Hunter x Hunter really coming back? That’s the rumor circulating amongst the anime community after Megumi Han hinted a possible comeback.

The speculations started when Megumi posted on her Instagram that she came back to her original roots and recorded with her old buddy.

Her original roots are nothing but Hunter x Hunter since she rose to fame with her role of Gon Freecss back in 2011.

That buddy in question is none other than voice actress Mariya Ise, (VA of Killua) who also posted a possible hint.

It seems Mariya is teasing us fans with the blurred out image of her upcoming Hunter x Hunter role.

There are still some serious doubts regarding this hinted return. Hunter x Hunter 2011 series finished the storyline of the original manga till chapter 339.

The manga went on hiatus after chapter 390 and to date, the manga has remained on hiatus. Which begs the question if Togashi plans to return too.