Science Team Lands On The Moon

Dr. Stone

By Epic Dope Staff | January 24, 2022

Chapter 226 of Dr. Stone showed Senku finally stepping foot on the moon, a mission that was deemed next to impossible.

So, what did Senku choose to say after landing? “Get excited!” These two simple words reflect on his “I don’t care, but I’m here for the fun” attitude pretty well.

Now, it’s time to find out the whereabouts of Why-man. Kohaku, the human telescope is present with them, so I don’t think Why-man can hide for very long.

There is a chance that Ryusui has brought in some extra materials from Earth to aid Senku that will be shown in the next chapter.

The biggest question of all is whether Why-man is a human or AI. Fans have been debating on this issue for ages, and the truth will be revealed in just a couple more chapters.

Is the entity really trying to protect humans? Chapter 227 will give us some much-needed answers.