2nd Volume Released

Fudanshi Shokan Gets TV Anime

By Epic Dope Staff | September 10, 2020

Fudanshi Shokan BL manga now has a 4-episode mini anime with episodes being released every Thursday. The manga’s second volume will also be released.

The first episode debuted on the Futabasha Staff YouTube channel and is also available on the official Comic Marginal Twitter account.

The main voice actors are Haruki Ishiya as Kotone Aizuhara and Takuya Satō as Nagi. Moe expressed their satisfaction with the voicing of the characters.

Fudanshi Shokan is a BL isekai comedy written by Fujasaki Moe. The manga was launched on the Comic Marginal website in 2019.

The manga revolves around a fudanshi named Kotone Aizuhara, who dies after getting run over by a truck while buying BL manga and lands in another world.