Unveils 2 New Teasers For Debut


By Epic Dope Staff | January 13, 2022

Inu-Oh is Masaaki Yuasa’s brainchild that features a tale of rebellion through art by those who are born different.

The folklore-themed anime film Inu-Oh by Masaaki Yuasa has released two new teasers of 30 and 60-seconds each for the show’s early summer 2022 debut.

The 30-second video is upbeat and involves the public loudly chanting and cheering for Inu-Oh and Tomona.

The 60-second trailer has a more dismal tone as a sad folk song plays in the background.

We see some bloodshed, more trauma faced by Tomona and Inu-Oh, along with some peculiar and somewhat eerie symbolism and art.

It is one-of-a-kind anime film that makes you perceive the world differently. Because if it weren’t for art by the ‘weirdos’ of society, the world would’ve been genuinely depressing.