Exciting Volume Releases By Viz Media

Viz Media Drops New Volumes

By Epic Dope Staff | February 21, 2021

Viz Media, our trusted messenger for all things manga and anime, has come across with some more releases.

Viz Media announced the complete box set of the Demon Slayer manga consisting of 23 volumes that will be released in Fall 2021.

One Piece’s Sanji trained under the sous chef of Baratie, and all his scrumptious recipes have been compiled in a book.

Fullmetal Alchemist: A New Beginning is a light novel centered on Winry, and this is its first release in English after its Japan debut in 2007.

MHA now brings to us the My Hero Academia: Ultra Analysis: Official Character Guide containing information on every hero and villain.

With 288 pages filled with solid information, the guide will become the coolest My Hero Academia merch that you can own!

From new merchandise to volume release and extra gifts, Viz Media has way too much up its sleeve at the moment.