Dragon Ball Super 68: Theories

Beerus Reveals New Power

By Epic Dope Staff | January 21, 2021

Dragon Ball Super has entered the “Granolah the Survivor” arc. It starts with Granolah stealing Seven-Three and ends with a prophecy.

However, in all this commotion, Beerus hinted at a power that is even greater than Ultra Instinct. Beerus says that UI is not the only technique of the Gods.

Ultra Instinct is a state which can be achieved via a calm heart. Gods of Destruction obviously would not use a power like that. Vegeta gets interested.

Beerus will definitely use one of the few techniques in front of Vegeta. Now it depends on Vegeta to pick & practice it.

We are excited about the new technique that he will reveal. Will Vegeta surpass Goku and become the strongest warrior?