Special Set to Debut in July 2022

Dr. Stone

By Epic Dope Staff | March 29, 2022

Dr. Stone fans have been pretty down ever since the manga ended recently, but now that an anime special has been announced, I think you can put your sorrows aside.

The Dr. Stone: Ryusui anime special will premiere in July 2022. Its plot is set immediately after season 2.

I bet that this was done so that season 3 can get a smooth start with no time to waste on introductions. Season 3 of Dr. Stone will premiere in 2023.

Since season 2 ended with Senku declaring that they needed a ship, it’s obvious that Ryusui’s revival is next in line.

It has already been announced in the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine that the Dr. Stone manga will receive a special chapter around the time of the episode’s release.

Will it be about Ryusui? Or will it give us a sneak-peek into a possible sequel? I have to admit that both the options are equally attractive.