Hiro Mashima’s Edens Zero: April 10

New PV Dives Into Space World

By Epic Dope Staff | March 13, 2021

Powered by friendship and love, Hiro Mashima’s newest creation Edens Zero is an intergalactic tale of Shik with Rebecca and her robot cat Happy.

Netflix has just dropped the official trailer for Edens Zero airing from April 10 and Netflix will soon be streaming the series on their platform.

The trailer is a summary of Shiki and Rebecca’s first encounter when Rebecca and Happy’s had decided to visit the Granbell Kingdom.

It shares Shiki’s fight while the OP “Eden through the rough” by Takanori plays. The ED by CHICO with Honeyworks is “A Vlog of the Journey.”

If you’ve loved Hiro Mashima’s earlier work Fairy Tail, then you probably should give Edens Zero a try

But, Edens Zero is very plot-heavy compared to Fairy Tail. Each arc has better characterization and a darker tone