Deemo The Movie: Sakura No Oto

Mesmerizing New PV Released

By Epic Dope Staff | March 29, 2021

From the rhythmic mobile game that played a charming melody to soothe our hearts, presenting the animated movie "Deemo The Movie."

In the recent AnimeJapan 2021 convention, Deemo The Movie just unveiled a new trailer for the anime movie planning a theatrical release this 2021.

The trailer shares the story of our protagonist Alice, who one day fell from the sky and ended up meeting Deemo.

The visual shows Alice falling from the sky, while Deemo is playing the piano, waiting to catch our cute protagonist in his arms.

Although, the CGI aspect of the movie might be a little too over the top for some anime fans but the trailer looks pretty mesmerizing with the visuals.

Deemo The Movie is the joint collaborative effort of Studios Signal. MD and Production I.G.

The anime movie will adapt the tale of Alice being saved by a long-limbed creature named Deemo and the two will try to find a way out of the treehouse.