My Hero Academia 290: Spoilers

Dabi Is Touya Confirmed!!

By Epic Dope Staff | November 6, 2020

While My Hero Academia went through the Paranormal Liberation War arc, a single question burnt in the minds of the fans. Who is Dabi?

Dabi’s identity is now out in the open. Although many speculations have already guessed his history spot on, the chapter 290 delivers many surprises.

The spoilers of My Hero Academia chapter 290 show that Dabi is finally coming out of the shadows with his past. Dabi is Touya Todoroki!

When he greets Endeavor and Shouto, Endeavor calls him Dabi. However, Dabi says that “Touya is a great name.”

Dabi/Touya starts erasing his hair dye to reveal his actual hair color. But we know that it will be crimson red.

Touya clarifies that he will not let Endeavor forget about his past. Touya’s pain runs so deep that he refuses to call Endeavor by his hero name.

Endeavor’s abusive behaviors have been revealed in the past. Endeavor pushed Touya, Fuyumi, & Natsuo till they broke.

Touya witnessed his mom's subjugation, affecting him deeply, & holds Endeavor responsible for their ruined lives.

My Hero Academia is not famous because of the hero-villain arc. It is renowned because of the way it points out the duality in humans.