Boruto 52: Baryon Mode & Spoilers

Naruto's New Transformation

By Epic Dope Staff | November 21, 2020

Naruto’s new mode is told to have enough power to defeat Isshiki, but he also runs the risk of burning himself out.

In 52, Kurama explains the Baryon mode. It doesn’t use chakra, but energy from both Naruto & Kurama until one or both of them are extinguished.

The form absorbs the energy of not only Naruto & Kurama but also anyone whom they touch. Every hit that Isshiki receives will shorten his lifespan.

The only way to win is by making sure that Isshiki's lifespan runs out before Naruto & Kurama. Isshiki himself realizes that his lifespan is decreasing.

He soon starts getting desperate and calls in Kawaki mid-battle. In the very last panel, Boruto opens his eyes.