Adaptation Of Spade Invasion Arc

Black Clover Confirms Movie

By Epic Dope Staff | March 25, 2021

Black Clover fans are agonized over the anime series' ending. Only one more episode is left to air but a whole arc is yet to be covered.

The upcoming movie announcement has ensured that the series will have a safe and sound ending.

Black Clover has now confirmed a movie adaptation that will wrap up the entire story in one clean swoop!

The Black Clover anime will end on 30th March with a total of 170 episodes. But, the last arc is still ongoing in the manga.

Thus, the movie might air after the manga has ended, and the Spade Invasion arc will then be adapted!

From Asta’s Devil Union mode to all the powerful new devils who will emerge from the Tree of Qliphoth, the movie has a lot to cover.