Black Clover 286: Spoilers & Theories

3 Ruling Devils of Underworld

By Epic Dope Staff | March 23, 2021

As if the Black Clover manga was not already swarming with tons of powerful devils, chapter 286 introduces the three supreme devils.

The Faust family was dedicated to forbidden dark magic. They had the idea that Nacht could control the supreme devil when he clearly was not able to.

We are introduced to the rulers of the underworld: the three devils of time, space, and gravity. As we already know, Lucifero is the gravity devil.

But the other two devils are yet unknown. There is a pillar devil who supports the rulers, Lucifugus.

Not only do the devils have rankings between them based on their powers, they are also ruled by 3 devils.

There is a possibility that Zenon has the space devil. The speculation is about who has the time devil.

The only person who can use time magic is Julius, and his power can easily surpass any devil’s. Maybe Julius is in possession of a devil.

The supreme devil, Lucifugus, is bound to appear in the story sooner or later, and it might be the biggest challenge that our heroes will face.