Black Clover 284: Spoilers & Theories

Is Nacht Really Going to Die!?

By Epic Dope Staff | March 14, 2021

Nacht, the brutally honest magic knight of Black Clover, is in mortal danger! The very last panel of chapter 284 showed Nacht pierced with ice.

The spikes that have gone through him seem to have injured him mostly in the limbs. His fate is still unsure but killing him off so soon is unlikely.

Asta and Noelle have the biggest chance to swoop in to save him right now, but both of them are significantly away.

Yami is still captivated, and this is a perfect time for him to break out, but we do not know about his condition yet.

Nacht is yet to use Plumede, one of his four devils, and we still do not know its power. Maybe Nacht was saving it for healing or another boost?

Julius had displayed his power to reverse time, even if it was only for a small amount of time. Will Yuki Tabata use a time-reversed trope to save Nacht?

All in all, there are too many uncertainties, and all eyes are on Tabata sensei’s next move.