Lucifero To Face His Toughest Opponents

Black Clover

By Epic Dope Staff | February 24, 2022

Lucifero is finally getting serious about killing the pesky humans in chapter 324 of Black Clover.

We finally see Yami and Nacht teaming up. Yami’s Dark Magic and Nacht’s Shadow Magic combine to create a mana zone called Kid’s Playground.

This move finally allows them to put a scratch on Lucifer. This is just his second wound in the whole battle, but dear old Lucy seems really pissed off about it.

It is clear that Lucifero was simply swatting at them so far, and now he will bring out some new moves.

The magic knights’ team seems to have exhausted all of their energy. Yes, Asta and Yuno are ready to fight, but they are already beaten up, and I’m not sure how they can keep up in that state.

Let’s see if Asta and Yuno can team up to form new moves. Nacht and Yami’s game has also just begun, and I hope that the captain and vice-captain of the Black Bulls make it back safe.